Event Planning Agreement


  • Provide vendor referrals and help negotiates contracts; schedules and attends vendor meetings
  • Create detailed timelines
  • Help determine and manage your overall budget
  • Attend site tours and menu tastings
  • Serve as event designer
  • Create the design concept for the event
  • Provide color palette guidance and guidance on the materials used
  • Oversee the décor budget and vendors (florist, rentals, lighting, stationer)
  • Source special props and equipment that aren’t readily accessible
  • Attend a site visit to visualize where you want everything to go, devise a layout, and identify potential problems
  • Create detailed floor plans
  • Ensure all of the décor elements are in place on-site at the event. Please note this does NOT include clean-up afterward, but can be included at additional charge.
  • Coordinate hotel room blocks and transportation (if applicable)
  • Manages the rehearsal (if applicable)
  • Coordinate day of event to ensure everyone adheres to the timeline, handles anything that may arrive unexpectedly, manages vendors, and ensures the client's vision is being executed onsite


  • Site visit | 2 hours maximum | A site visit will need to be coordinated within 2 weeks of contract execution, during business hours. A floor plan is requested at the time of site visit. If not provided, measurements will need to be taken during site visit, which adds additional time to meeting at client’s expense.
  • Design meeting | 3 hours maximum | All design ideas shall be uploaded to private Pinterest board 3 weeks prior to event. Owner will present a detailed floor plan to client incorporating all of client’s ideas. Client will have an opportunity to make changes to the design and approve final floor plan by executing and attaching as Exhibit A to this contract. Additional changes thereafter are considered a “Change Order” and client will be billed $100 per change order, paid upon submission.


  • Email at emily@leblancatelier.com allowing 48 hours to respond
  • Shared private Pinterest board to send all ideas
  • Owner shall be available by phone or text on event day 

Business hours:

  • Monday through Friday, 8a to 6p
  • Entire event day 


  • $1,000 flat fee for services rendered, as outlined in this agreement. This fee is not your overall budget; it is in addition to. Additional costs will be associated with site rentals, caterers, décor rentals, material purchases, services, etc.
  • 50% nonrefundable deposit due upon execution of contract to secure event date
  • 50% remainder balance due on or before day of design meeting
  • Payments can be made via cashier's check, venmo, and cashapp.


  • Owner shall commence services upon execution of contract, execution date, and complete services on date of event, event date.
  • Event date must be at least six (6) weeks after contract date. 
  • If your design includes ceiling installation of any sort, we request that we have access to the building at least one (1) day prior to event date.


  • If event is cancelled for any reason, client must notify owner immediately. This contract may be terminated at owner’s discretion if and only if owner is notified prior to design meeting, otherwise client must adhere to contract.
  • If event is rescheduled, this contract will be terminated and a new contract must be executed. Yes, this means a second deposit will be required to secure new event date.